Saturday, January 31, 2009

Under Momma's desk

When I find myself at my desk, blogging, editing photo's, e mailing, paying bills, I also find my furry children at my feet. I pretty much find them anywhere I happen to be. We were having a battle with the desk, however, since there are about a go-zillion wires and cables under it. Dogs really don't care where they lay down, apparently, and aren't educated on electricity or how sitting on a wire might upset the flow of electricity to Mom's computer and frustrate her greatly. I decided instead of fighting the battle and trying to keep them out from under the desk, that I would attempt to accommodate them better. I've had this doggy bed for several years, in fact, Sophie nursed a litter of puppies on this bed, the same litter from which Charlotte came. (Hey Susie, did you notice how I didn't end that sentence with a preposition??) Wilson slept on it for the first few months he was here and it has been washed about 100 times. I tried to move most of the wires out of the way, situated the bed and, voila! Momma can sit at her desk and not have to keep plugging the computer, and all it's accessories, back in. Now, if I could just figure out a way to eliminate wires altogether. 

  • A Wilson Update
I would also like to mention a little side note about Wilson's progress. You can tell by the picture (sort of) how thin he has become. We continue to battle diarrhea, I don't even think diarrhea can accurately describe what Wilson is going through. There have been moments of doubt on my part, not knowing if I'm doing the right thing by him. We have had our share of strays on our farm and...if I were to see a dog that is in the shape that Wilson is in, I would be the first one to say "that dog need to be put out of it's misery". I keep thinking of that scene in Pet Cemetery with Zelda. Does anybody remember that? Where the mother is remembering her childhood and how she was left in charge of her very ill sister who is so thin and gaunt that she looks horrific and disturbing. I want my puppy back, ya'll. I want my beautiful healthy vibrant lustrous baby back. I'm not sure what God is teaching me here. Endurance? Commitment? Love? Unconditional love? 
I am weary with worry, I have a terrible crick in my neck probably brought on by tension and I don't know how to fix this problem. The vet thinks that the diarrhea is due to his surgery and that it will get better. I'm starting to doubt that. His symptoms are the same as they were before the surgery. I've checked several times to see if the poor thing is still breathing, that is how incredibly sick he looks. Please continue to pray for us. 

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