Monday, January 5, 2009

Year of the Ox

I did something on Saturday that I have never done before in my LIFE! I went and got a pedicure. I took Taylor and Aimee to get a manicure and thought it would be a nice treat for myself to get a pedicure. I sure wasn't going to waste money on my hands for they are much more utilitarian than ornamental. When the pedicure got underway, I was so uncomfortable having this little Asian man touching my feet especially when he got out that tiny cheese grater and started sanding away. My feet are extremely sensitive so this was the worst form of torment. It was like he was torturing me for information and I wanted to tell him really bad but I wasn't sure what it was. 

Anyway, when the torture was over and the more pleasant part of the pedicure began I thought I'd make some small talk. On the wall opposite me was a Chinese calendar, still displaying 2008 which apparently was the year of the rat. Being a curious creature, I asked what 2009 would be on the Chinese calendar and he told me that it was the year of the Ox. Well, knowing very little about Chinese culture, I was very inquisitive about the whole thing. He asked me what year I was born, "1973" I told him. "Ah, you born in year of Ox" he told me, "this is not good for you". At first I thought he told me that it was a good thing, then he said, "no, this is bad year for you, you must be very carful". Actually he said "you mus be wery cafu". Oh this is all I need I thought. 

The rest of the day I felt like I had been prophesied over and that I should not take this lightly. When I got home I could not wait to do research and find out more about this whole Ox thing. It was soooo interesting. If you want to find out what sign you were born under go to this site to find out. Then you can go HERE click on your animal and read about yourself. I found it all quite captivating. The "pedicure prophet" asked me if I was a hard worker and I told him that I did work pretty hard. I thought he could tell this by looking at my feet but after I got home and read about how an ox operates... it is in my nature, apparently, to work. I also found out that I am quick thinking and quite stubborn. ME?? no!! I still haven't figured out how or why that this year will be bad for me, I think I will choose to live in denial of that part. If things start going awry and I find myself in a state of misfortune, I shall do some more research and see if there is some antidotal ritual I can do to offset it all. I just hope it doesn't involve eating a live chicken or something.

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LONI said...

If it is suppose to be a bad year for you cause it is the same "year" you were born in. Then I am here to tell you last year was the "year" I was born in and it was the best year of my life! So maybe this will be the best year of your life!