Monday, January 26, 2009

Hospital Visit

 Poor poor Wilson. That is all I can keep thinking. Poor baby. When I got to the vet, they immediately sent me to a room and brought Wilson right to me. When the door opened and he walked in, my heart was so, so confused. I was so happy to see him but was in shock at his appearance. Skin and bones.  
But all of that was quickly a distant thought as his tail started wagging and he began licking my face, so happy to see me. I sat in the floor and he cuddled up in my lap and that is where he wanted to stay. Wilson has always done this sweet little thing where he puts his head on my shoulder and snuggles in and lets out a relieved sigh, as if he is saying "ahhh, my mommy." 
I wanted to stay right there too. Poor poor baby. Anyway, the vet said that he was still trying to regulate his intake of food. The poor thing is so hungry that he is still scarfing down any food they put in front of him and this will cause him to vomit. It is going to be a tedious task to get him on his way to recovery, feeding him small portions throughout the day. When he goes for 24 hours and keeps everything down, Doc said he would consider letting him come home. 
His prognosis is still uncertain. He tested positive for salmonella, probably something he has had all along and more than likely the cause of the mass. After consulting with another vet, Doc thinks that this could be chronic and something we may continue to fight. I feel a little like I've had the wind knocked out of me. Poor poor Wilson. He has quite a mountain to climb but I really think he will do it. I can see him months from now in tip-top shape and wearing me out with his bumbling energy. This is the image that I will keep in my mind. 

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