Thursday, January 22, 2009

Developing News

Is everybody completely intrigued and on the edge of their seat about my dog's health? I know you are, unless you have a hollow tin chest and then I would suggest going to see a wizard. 

Just kidding. 

We found out something today about poor poor Wilson. He has some sort of mass in his tummy. It isn't clear if it is something that has been there for a while or not. And we aren't sure exactly what it is, perhaps something he ingested. The vet didn't think we had to worry about tumors since he is just a baby, there is just something in there that isn't supposed to be and is causing big trouble. This has probably been the culprit all along. Now that he is so malnourished, it is causing breakdown in his muscles and why his legs are becoming weak. I've always prided myself on taking good care of my animals and I've never felt so helpless not to be able to get this guy healthy. I am feeling better now that we know what is causing the problems and there is a way to fix it and you guessed it, the answer is surgery. So, tomorrow morning I will take him back to the vet and, more than likely, he will be having surgery tomorrow evening. I will let everybody know how it goes. Stay on the edge of your seat. 

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