Tuesday, January 20, 2009

Separation Anxiety

Remember THE STARE?? This was Wilson's stare before he left to go to the vet, and if I were a dog, this is how I would look right now. 
Wilson is staying in the hospital another night. I called earlier and the vet reassured me that he was improving but he still didn't feel comfortable sending him home. The antibiotics that they are giving him seem to be working but until they get the cultures back and know for sure what they are dealing with, they won't know exactly how to treat it. Meanwhile, I am having separation anxiety. I read that Weimaraners are highly susceptible to separation anxiety and I am worried about how he must be feeling. I hope he is handling it better than me, because I'm ready to chew the legs off the coffee table, tear up a shoe, and pee in the floor. Seriously. I've been staying busy and keep finding myself back at the computer for one reason or another, probably just trying to calm myself. Self soothing has never been one of my strong points...that's why I have 3 dogs. When I began having blood pressure problems last summer, I was monitoring it morning and evening. Once, I was curious and took my blood pressure and it was it's usual high number, then I laid on the couch called Charlotte over to me and we laid there for a minute while I stroked her back. When I took my blood pressure again while doing this, it was down to normal range. Petting a dog 24 hours a day wasn't practical so I had to go on meds but that was quite revealing to me. My doggies are useful, despite what Rodney says, they are therapeutic tools for crying out loud. I will be so glad to get Wilson back home, I can't imagine how he must be feeling. 

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