Friday, June 27, 2008

Working Cows

We worked our cattle herd yesterday. All of us are having trouble moving this morning but we are slowly starting to get going. I love our cows. The work that goes along with cattle is sometimes exhausting but it also has many rewards. There were a few times yesterday in the midst of it all that I had to stop and wonder "what in the world am I doing here?". When certain members of our herd, the ones that could use a few therapy sessions, decide that they don't want to have their vaccination and protest very aggressively, I then put my hands over my ears, shut my eyes and find my happy place. This is when I'm sure that Rodney is so grateful that I am there to help. There are a few that had their numbers written down in our book to be taken to the sale barn. I guess if we were old hands at this stuff and rode around on horseback roping and pinning cattle, it wouldn't be such a big deal when you get a squirrelly cow in the lot. We, however, expect them to walk through the shoot, put their heads in the gate and nicely and quietly accept their vaccine and move on. Most of them do, but the ones who don't can sure make it hard on the rest of them. 
Anyway, they are all vaccinated and wormed and moved to greener pastures. This feels like quite an accomplishment. They have been moved to the "north side" which is where my house sits. I love when they are over here. I like to be able to look out my windows and see them grazing. Sitting at my kitchen table in the morning sipping coffee and watching cattle graze is one of my many rewards for living this life of a farmer. 

Sunday, June 22, 2008

Sunday at Dawn

My eyes popped open at the crack of dawn this morning (or as we like to say..."the butt crack of dawn"). I laid in bed for several minutes trying desperately to go back to sleep at no avail. My mind was busy thinking of all the things that needed to be done and I couldn't make myself go back to sleep. Things have piled up over the past week or so because of the farm chores. I was kind of hoping a little fairy would fly into my house in the night and clean it all spic and span, the way I'm sure a fairy would clean...but sorrowfully this didn't happen. So after going through the long list in my head..."the laundry sure has piled up, I need to sweep the floor and dust, those poor kitties are having to use a dirty litter box, the goats are hungry, the toilets need to be cleaned and on and on, I decided to go ahead and get up and take a stab at getting started on some of these things. 
The first thing I did was go out to the goat pen and feed them. This is by far my favorite chore. They are always completely happy to see me coming which, in turn, makes me happy to see them too. Once I get their feed put out for them, I usually just sit and watch and wait for them to finish. Sometimes I'll get handfuls of feed and let them eat from my hand. The feeling of their little lips on my palm is thrilling. 
The laundry and dishes came next and I was happy that before we left for church, things were looking much better. Sometimes the hardest thing is just getting started right? I struggled to stay awake during church which I never do and am now sitting on my bed getting ready to have a lovely Sunday nap. I haven't had one in a few weeks so I am going to really appreciate this privilege. 

Tuesday, June 17, 2008

Goat Sitter

I wish this picture would have turned out better. 
I got a camera for Taylor at Wal-mart and still haven't figured all of it out yet. 
Anyway...I took the goats for their first walk a few days ago and boy did we have fun. At first I was trying to pull them all with lead ropes but soon figured out that it was easier to just let them follow me, which they all did very well. The kitty in the picture came with us part of the way. She never follows me anywhere, she just wanted to know where I was going with her goats. I have never seen any other cat react this way to goats and calves. I mean she really gets depressed when that pen in the back yard is empty. Isn't that the funniest thing? She and her sister were both kittens when I brought them home to live with us, and there were goats in the pen then. I guess they either need the goats for love and attention, or they just think that they are a goat as well?? I haven't seen either of them butting heads yet. The goats have been very enjoyable this year. It is funny how they all have their own personality. 

Saturday, June 14, 2008


I am still having a camera de lima so I am still relying on stock photos from the internet and ones that I've had for a while. 

I was working in the chicken house today, doing one of my least favorite jobs, washing fans. I had all of my equipment laid out, water hose, pressure washer, gas can, etc... and was working away cleaning months worth of dust and feathers (among other things) off the fans. I had my i pod going which makes the job much easier and more enjoyable, when I heard barking. My dogs, who are with me no matter what nasty job I'm doing, were in and out of the chicken house while I was working. Well, apparently when I began to move the pressure washer to another fan, the water hose startled Charlotte and she became alarmed and upset, barking and barking to make known the presence of a beast lurking nearby. I just rolled my eyes and went about my work.  I started to think about how she was so sure that there was an eminent danger, that she reacted as if it had been a snake, as if it were real, not simply a harmless water hose. Then my mind got deeper into this subject.
How many times in our lives do we react with fear and defense when something startles us? When something enters our lives that even appears to be threatening, our guards go up, our defenses are raised and we start to bark in protest. When if we looked a little closer at the situation, there is nothing to be afraid of. I'm sure that God looks upon us quite often and thinks, "what is she barking at now?"  I think I'll try to look at things a little closer before I begin to bark from now on. 

Sunday, June 8, 2008


My soul is in a seekers stage. 

This picture is of the seven sisters star cluster. It is located some 400 light years from where we sit. 400 light years. Quite a journey from here, but just a blink of an eye for God who created it. I was looking through some pictures on-line while putting together a photo story for our upcoming state meeting. I found myself drawn into this one for some reason. It amazes me how small we really are sometimes. One of my favorite movies is "The Grinch" the one with Jim Carrey...this whole story takes place inside a snowflake. If any of you saw the movie "Horton Hears a Who" also with Jim Carrey, there is a whole civilization living in a speck of dust. These examples are so profound when you think about the earth and it's proportionate size to the universe...we are but a speck of dust, floating about in a snowflake. 
Like I said, my soul is seeking. I have been studying scripture like I never have before and the more I search the more I find myself craving the knowledge that God has set before me. I feel as open as the universe itself, to be filled with all of God's grace and wisdom. I'm not sure what has brought about this new burst of exploration, but I am enjoying it. I guess I am coming to a stage in my life where I am beginning to realize that my kids are not going to be here forever, that this job of Mother that I have embraced and that has consumed my every waking moment for the past 16 years, will one day (sooner that I want) be over. I know that my sacred marriage will only grow with my own spiritual growth and this hunger that I have for knowledge of scripture is God given and can only improve my task here on earth. 
I have been studying the book of Daniel. Beth Moore has a book on it and I have been downloading the lessons from i tunes and listening to them on my i pod as I go about my chores. I plan on getting the book while in Hot Springs so that I can do the homework assignments along with listening. It has been so inspirational and eye opening. 
Anyway, I am so glad that God set me in motion on this quest to fill my soul. I hope that it is a benefit to everyone around me. 

Friday, June 6, 2008


Kyle paid a visit to the emergency room last night, again. 
He was working in the chicken houses yesterday and got his hand slammed in the door. I shudder to think about it. The fans in the chicken houses are all running which creates quite a suction, plus the wind was blowing and poor Kyle was leaning in to pick up a bucket while holding on to the door frame when the door slammed. He went ahead and finished his work before he told us about it. Everybody took turns giving their could be broken, it might just be bruised, however we all agreed that it must have really hurt. I finally decided that it needed to be x-rayed. If you look at the x-ray, the lower knuckle on the pinky finger it has a fracture in it. 
The emergency visit was long and drawn out. It wasn't the worst thing in the world though. Rodney and Taylor waited out in the waiting room while I went back with Kyle. After the initial examination we had to do quite a bit of waiting before they took him back for the x ray. This was a nice quite time for Kyle and I. Kyle was sitting on the little exam bed in his camo overalls with his poor little hand in his lap and he and I were talking quietly to each other. We talked about emergency room visits of the past, old injuries and how much they hurt. Then we got bored and played tic-tac-toe on the back of an old grocery list. Kyle had to play with his left hand and we laughed about the form his x's and o's were taking. It was nice to have this time alone with him, sometimes I forget what a lovely son I have. Then we played a horrible little game called "odd or even". This is a game where you take turns yanking hairs out of each others arm and then guessing if the number of hairs were odd or even. If your right, then you get to be the yanker...if you are wrong you get more hairs pulled. We didn't play that for long. 
Anyway, they sent us home with Kyle's arm in a splint and instructed us to get an appointment with an orthopedist. Hopefully we can get in sometime next week. 

Sunday, June 1, 2008

School's out

Summer is well on it's way. 

The kids have been out of school for a week now and it feels like it has been a month. We have plenty to keep us busy this summer. Kyle has been helping Rodney in the chicken houses all week which has been really nice for me. Taylor will start her classes at the college in Mena tomorrow. She is nervous about it but I know she will be fine. I told her that it will be way more fun than regular school. 
We had a ladies retreat this weekend at Mom's house. Several of the ladies from the church came and we shared a lovely bible study and stayed up late talking. This was good for my spirit. I feel rejuvenated and refreshed spiritually. Physically, however, I am feeling tired. When the chickens started dying a couple of weeks ago, I stopped walking in the morning. I haven't started back yet and I know this is why I'm tired. It is ironic that a person would feel tired from lack of exercise. The only thing that will make me feel better is to start walking again. I have made a decision that I am going to set my alarm for 6:00 and walk first thing in the morning when it is still cool out. I am going to set my walking clothes and tennis shoes out tonight so I won't be hindered in anyway. Taylor has to catch the bus in town at 7:15 so I'll be up and at em before we have to leave. Kyle and I have also discussed working out on the bowflex. He wanted to work out this summer while out of school...this would give me a work out buddy and he is so much fun to be with, it will be good for us.