Thursday, January 22, 2009

Back to the VET!!!

This is a picture of Wilson on the 16th. Please note his front feet/legs. Now scroll down....
Now, these are Wilson's feet today. What the heck is going on with my puppy???

Is this not the oddest thing you've ever seen?? I was in tears last night as I took these photo's. So, we are off to the vet again this morning. There was a point last night when I felt like giving up. This is too hard, I've never had a dog that was so worrisome and had so many problems. Then I looked back on the day I went to pick him up. He ran to me, he wanted me, he chose ME. A lot of people would have given up on him, not cared for him, decided it was too much trouble and let him go. As hard as all this is, I decided that it is up to me to do what I can to help Wilson. Somehow I feel that it is frivolous and taking up my time that could better be suited to other causes. God knows me and knows my heart and he knows that I love my dogs, well all of his creatures great and small. Maybe he loves Wilson too and knew I would take good care of him. I don't know. I guess I'll just keep doing what must be done each day for him while trying to balance my family and farm, and...hopefully something good will come from all of the struggling

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