Monday, January 19, 2009

Sick puppy

I took these pictures of Wilson last week. He was playing and feeling really well, look at that goofy face!! Well, Thursday night he got sick...again! He has had trouble with his little tummy off and on since I brought him home. 
I put a little bit of stew juice on his food the night he got sick so I thought that was the problem and thought it would clear right up. Well, it didn't. He was sick all weekend and by this morning, he was acting it. I was nearly in a panic to get him to the vet. The only thing I could get him to eat over the weekend was chicken, and I gave him lots of it. He got lots of electrolytes and imodium and pepto bismol too. I was on the phone and on the internet trying to figure out what could be wrong with my baby almost all day Saturday. 
He is at the vet now. I had to leave him there. He had already lost two pounds, and that is a lot for a puppy. Leaving him was heart-wrenching. We are so completely in love with each other and he has a bit of separation anxiety (apparently I do too) and to think of him spending the night in a strange place was almost more than I could bear. I have been reassured by several people that he is in good hands and I shouldn't worry. The diagnosis, so far, is that he has some sort of bacterial infection or perhaps an enzyme deficiency or imbalance. The doctor felt it was better if he stayed there so he could start him on some enzymes and get him well hydrated. I agreed. 
I asked Rodney last night if he thought it frivolous to pray for a dog. He said he didn't think so and that we should pray for him. I know God can do anything and I know he can heal my poor puppy. I will continue to pray for him and I will post an update as soon as I hear. I sure will be glad to get him home. 

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