Thursday, January 29, 2009

Getting Better

I figured I better post an update since people are asking about Wilson. He is getting better and better!!! I got off the phone just a bit ago with Dr. Martin and he said I could come pick him up tomorrow morning and see how he does at home over the weekend. It has been 24 hours since he has tossed his cookies and things are looking better coming out the other end too. He still is having a bit of diarrhea but this is due to him having to adjust to having 4 feet less of his intestines. Doc said it could take a month or even longer for this adjustment to happen, especially since he wasn't digesting food properly before the surgery. Bless his heart. 

My Aunt Gail, cousin Loni, and her baby Parker were here for the last couple of days which has been so sweet and uplifting. I ran my camera through it's paces yesterday and poor Parker may be blinded for life from the constant flashes. I will be posting some pictures when I get a batch edited. Boy, did I need that baby lovin. They left this morning and I can already feel the withdrawals setting in. I got asked a couple of times if I wanted another baby and I said, "NO, I have dogs!" If I really get the urge and need something to cuddle, I'll get myself another rabbit or something. 

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