Sunday, December 23, 2007

Christmas eve eve

Tonight it Christmas eve eve. We have been counting eve's for weeks now and it is finally upon us. The weather has finally turned winter and this evening the moon was huge and beautiful. Tomorrow the moon will be full which I think is so cool to happen on Christmas eve. It will make Santa's job easier I'm sure since he'll have the light from the moon. It may even make it easier to spot Old Saint Nick as he and his reindeer are traversing the skies. Ya'll be looking out for him now.

Saturday, December 22, 2007

A purple finch has been visiting my back deck for the past few days. He is just as red as he can be...but he is deemed purple. I thought he was fabulously adorned for the holidays and I was thrilled to be snapping pictures of him...I felt like shouting, "you look fabulous, who are you wearing?" But instead I was stealthily quite as I eased the sliding door open just enough to peak out and grab a couple of shots. I'm glad that the little things are enough to fascinate me.

Thursday, December 13, 2007


The trees in my back yard have officially dropped all their leaves, with the exception of of few...however they are far from bare. The leaves have been replaced with dozens and dozens of little birds, mostly finches, who are chowing down at my bird feeders. I try to keep out plenty of fresh seeds for them...I would hate for them to go hungry. In return they give me endless entertainment as they flutter about and communicate with each other with their tweets and gesturing. I haven't seen many cardinals or woodpeckers yet but I'm sure as the weather gets colder and they run out of things to eat in the woods, they will begin visiting me. Aren't they lovely?