Sunday, February 1, 2009


Taylor and I went and did a little shopping after church today at the Wal-Marts. We were just going to pick up some "super bowl" type foods for a get-together at Mom and Dad's this evening. Usually when I go to Wal-Mart, I will stop and gaze at the fresh flowers and admire them for a bit but I never buy any. I figure if I want some flowers, I'll grow my own but for some reason today, I picked up a bundle of tulips and didn't have the heart to put them back, so I brought them home with me. I really wanted to bring them home so that I could take their picture, and I took lots. This was, by far, my favorite. This one is definitely a candidate for the art show this year. Can't you just picture it at about 11x14 or even bigger, it would be breathtaking. I've got another exciting development here on the farm that I will write about later. For now, you can just "tiptoe through the tulips". 

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