Thursday, November 6, 2008

Nights with Wilson

We have now had two nights with Wilson and I'm beginning to feel that I have that lack-of-sleep, new-mother syndrome. He did better last night than the night before and hopefully tonight will be better and I am praying that soon, very soon, he will be sleeping through the night. 
The crying is so hard to listen to and not respond. I know if I run over and get him out of his kennel when he cries, it will only encourage this behavior, so I must ignore every instinct in my body to sooth a crying puppy, this isn't easy for me. The hardest part is when he buries his face in his teddy bear and cries this mournful muffled cry. It breaks my heart into a million pieces. All of this exhaustion is bonding us, I'm sure. The nights out in the cold going potty, the naps on the couch, feeding time, potty again, learning to chew only his toys, teaching him manners already, all of it is, in the end, going to make us fast friends. 
I was cautious at first about letting myself fall in love with a new puppy because loosing Buddy was so heart breaking. Well all of that has flown out the window and I'm head over heals now. It has only been two days and it is hard for us to be apart for long at all. The best part is, I GET to be with him most of the time. I don't have to run off to some desk job and leave him alone. When I go to work, he can come along. How great is that kind of life?? I am a truly blessed person. 

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