Thursday, November 13, 2008

7 weeks old

Wilson is 7 weeks old today. Gosh, it seems like just last week I was going to get him...wait a minute, that was last week. I am keeping a record of his growth and am happy to report that he has gained a whopping 2.8 pounds this week. That is quite a leap considering he only weighed 5 when I got him. He is doing so well and learning so quickly. We had a milestone this morning and walked from Granna's house to mine, a whole half mile...and on a leash too!!! His cuteness is more than I can bear sometimes, it's like kryptonite!! He shoots me a look and I have to sit down from the weakness in my knees, and loosen my bra from the swelling of my heart. 
He slept until a little after 5 this morning, although Momma was awake at 2:00 in anticipation of him waking. I've been referring to myself as "momma" so much and talking puppy talk I can't seem to quit when I'm in public. 
Well, Momma's got to go do some laundry while baby is napping. 

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