Saturday, November 15, 2008


I participated in, well headed up, a quite disturbing activity today. Kyle was gone today to a cheer competition in Little Rock and Taylor and I decided that it would be a good day to bed-swap. My mamaw gave me a queen sized bed a few weeks ago to which Taylor laid claim, but this meant moving her bed out, to which Kyle laid claim, which meant moving Kyle's bed out, to which my mom laid claim. So, do you have all that straight, we had a bunch of bed moving to do. The first bed that needed to go to begin our bed-moving proceedings was Kyle's. This meant that we had to GO IN to Kyle's room. Normally, this space is avoided at all costs and we pretty much live in denial of it. It's the big elephant in the house which we are normally quite happy to ignore. Well, today we faced it head on. Taylor and I are both now convinced that he needs to be institutionalized. Ladies and gentlemen, I present the evidence...this is ADHD at its zenith. 

Exhibit A
A bottle of some sort with an unidentified substance in it...

and Exhibit B
A stack of DVD cases, none of which had any dvd's in them

A basket with random accoutrements...a deflated volleyball, box-cutter, vcr tape
binoculars, and a single glove

The GALLON bag above was recovered from a drawer in the room...could someone please call 1-800-tooth decay

And then there is this chair, was it involved in a tornado incident? Was a giant rat turned loose?? Somebody explain this to me!

This is more disturbing than the rest, it is oddly unsettling how organized this tackle box seems to be in the middle of the rest of the disorder.

A medieval torture devise of some sort??

The only thing I can say about this tarantula is "free willy"

Anyone, anyone? Can you splain this??

It starts to look better as the day goes on.

And finally, peace. I sure hope it stays this way. I built the bed for Kyle today. I used rough lumber that was left over from a building project here on the farm, that way when he gets the urge to carve on it or do some sacrificial ceremony upon it, the loss will be minimal. 

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swilcher said...

looks like a normal teenagers room to me!! Love the bed, you are so talented.