Thursday, November 20, 2008

8 weeks

Wilson is 8 weeks old today. He weighed 9 pounds this morning. I was kind-of surprised that he didn't weigh more because this is a mere 0.8 pounds more than last week. I've had to adjust his collar and he certainly looks and feels bigger. His personality is emerging more and more and we are finding ourselves laughing at him a lot, as well as saying "no no Wilson". So far he hasn't met a person that he doesn't like which I think is so sweet. He barked this morning when Mom and Dad came over, the first time he has shown his protective instincts. I am loving the way he is developing, look at that stature already. 

and look at that tooshy! I think he is saying, "a doggy tooshy can be a thing of beauty, no?" And maybe a little hint of "Momma please put down the stupid camera". 

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Loni said...

He is such a stud!!