Tuesday, November 25, 2008


I wish this was a better video but it is all I could accomplish with my phone. Ok, if you ever get a chance, go to a Metallica concert!! I guess if you aren't a fan you should probably stay away because I've learned that Metallica fans are incredibly loyal and are a one of a kind group. When we were waiting in line outside the arena, about every five minutes a wave of cheers and screams would pulse through the crowd, almost like a pack of coyotes. It was quite primitive. Suffering through the first two bands was nearly more than I could bear but when the lights went down and the first pick of the first guitar echoed through the arena, my heart began to pound and it didn't stop until the band ran out of the arena. I wanted to follow them and become a groupie, but I figured I'd better come back home with my family. We all had so much fun and have been recounting every detail since. I guess the best part, other than the skull-shattering, kick-ass music, was the camaraderie of the fans. The guy in front of us even high-fived us when he found out it was our first time. I'm a bigger fan now than I was before. If you have time, watch one of my favorite videos.
It will give you a small taste of what the concert was like (besides the awesome video that I made with my phone)  

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