Wednesday, April 29, 2009

Watch Cat

Remember this guy? If you ever watched Looney Tunes much I'm sure you do. I think his name is Sam. Remember how he would sit and watch his herd of sheep?
Remember how he would clock in every morning along with his nemesis, the coyote? I loved how he would cleverly and stealthily protect his herd. He never got overly excited or upset, he just simply did his job.

Well, I have a sheepdog too! Only they come in the form of cats. Two of the weirdest, most eccentric little calico cats I've ever known. (I hope Rain doesn't read my blog because I might get a good head butting for posting this picture of her underside)
So, these kitties hang with the goat herd. I've never seen them clock-in in the morning but they are diligent and consistent none-the-less. Sometimes I wonder if they just think they are, in fact, a goat, or if they actually have a sense of responsibility and are doing their job.
One thing is for sure, they like their job.
Or they are just really confused about their inherit nature. They are mice catchers and, unfortunately, bird catchers. So I figure the goats are safe from any rabid mice lurking about or a goat-eating bird of some sort. It just warms my ol' heart to witness little things like this and even warmer still to get to share them with my friends.

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