Saturday, April 25, 2009

I went and did it again

Well, after about 6 weeks of thinking I was just going to be content with my Schnauzers and forget about having a big-outside-guard-walking-dog...I went and got me another one. The thought of doing this was frightening and I just about talked myself out of it, wanting to keep my life simple and secure. Simple and secure turned out to be boring and so I started researching possibilities for a new recruit to the farm staff. Let me introduce to everyone my newest critter, Eddie. Eddie is  Boxer and I'll explain why I decided to go this route. 
First of all, look how cute! This picture makes my heart hurt. I researched the boxer breed quite a bit and this is what convinced me to get one. The first word in the description I read about them was HAPPY. Well, I don't know many dogs that aren't happy, except maybe the homeless ones, but lets not go there. They are highly intelligent, high spirited, playful, curious, energetic, loyal and affectionate. What else could you possibly want in a dog??
Here is a good example of that high-spiritedness. But wait, it gets better. They are excellent watch dogs and noted for their courage and are very athletic. Their smooth, short coat is easy to groom and they are very clean and groom themselves like cats!! I was very excited about the cleanliness aspect. 
And, again...look how CUTE!
Eddie and Charlotte are already becoming exceptional playmates...and I love this photo! When I uploaded this batch of pictures to the computer, this one made me make an "awww, gasping" kind of noise, that is always a good reaction. 
The only reason I added this picture is so I could pick it apart in a public platform. Ok, I look at this and think, I need to mow my lawn, I am still sporting nail polish on my toes from the pedicure I got in January, the goats are still IN MY YARD and I'm sitting in the grass with my camera playing with my puppies. Eh, Oh well. 

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