Sunday, April 19, 2009

A major inconvenience

I have a vision in my head of peering out at my pastures and lovingly watching my goats graze, somewhat like the picture above. The major problem that I have is that I don't have an adequate fence to keep them in the pasture and out of my yard. We have plans for fencing off the yard with a goat-proof fence it is just a matter of finding the time to get it done. Meanwhile, my yard is occupied for several hours a day by munching, destructive little goats.
The buck, Mo is by far most aggressive when it comes to destroying things. He head butted this poor planter until it was good and demolished. The good news is that he seemed to enjoy himself. I would much rather it be full of flowers than cascading rocks and dirt down my back steps. 
Speaking of flowers, I have none. Not even my shrubs have had a chance to leaf out much. 
I am questioning whether or not this hydrangea bush will even be able to survive this violent an attack. 
There are no leaves on my trees below goat height. Peach tree leaves must be especially yummy. 
This is the worst thing of all. Now I've always appreciated that goat poo comes in tidy little nuggets but when stepped in, it is still just poo, and it is everywhere. 
But look how cute! I'm so torn. By the way...that is my new bunny in the cage. I love to put her in this little portable kennel so she can graze on the fresh grass too. 
The baby goats find her interesting. Sometimes I wonder if they could be whispering things to each other. 
We will get our goat fence up soon out of necessity and not just convenience. I really love my goats but not quite this much. They love me too and follow me where ever I go. I think they would come right on in the house and have tea if I let them. 
Just look at him. No remorse, no pangs of conscience as he nibbles on my rope swing.  
I have to pause for a moment just to say how completely adorable bunnies are. Their ears, their soft fur and if you look at this picture long enough, I know you will find that furry little belly almost irresistible, or is is just me?
I've always said that when I get to heaven, I want a little cottage in the country and not a mansion. Except in heaven, the critters running around my yard will refrain from eating the flowers and will find a more appropriate place to poop. 

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LONI said...

I love your life! Someday "Parker" will be getting a bunny for Easter and I can't wait for that day to come!