Tuesday, April 7, 2009

Mother's love

These new baby goats are completely my new favorite thing. I find any and every excuse to go out to play with them. My mommy goats don't seem to mind a bit when I step in to steal away a moment or two (or three) with their little ones. 
I have been around cattle for years and have witnessed the way a mother cow will tend to her baby. For one, they become very protective, some more than others, but they all inhabit an instinct to protect their helpless little babies. 
The sweet thing is how they not only protect but nurture. I looked up the word nurture and the definition stated this: care for or encourage the development of; cherish. My mommy goats have so impressed me with their nurturing skills. There is just something that bonds us mothers, be we human or beast. 
I certainly feel a deeper connection with Salty and Rain now that I have been a part of the birth of their babies. Salty has been a mother to several sets of twins and is an old hand at this whole child-rearing thing. Rain is a first time mother and has touched my heart with her natural ability to nurture.  
I love to watch the mothers lick the babies. The babies seem to enjoy it and the process seems to bond them. I remember when my babies were fresh and new and how I would smell their skin and hold my face to theirs...I never considered licking them but I think I did everything but lick them. It is such a sweet time to have new little ones running around. 

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