Thursday, February 19, 2009

My New Best Friend

I would like to formally introduce the newest member of the Barrett family, Jerico. Mom and I made the long trip to Fayetteville yesterday to complete the adoption process and bring him home. I am thrilled to no end to have him in my home and in my life. He is the sweetest thing. The only details that I know about him is that he was found as a stray and ended up at the Weimaraner rescue in Fayetteville. They estimate that he is around 3 years old. 
When we arrived home, he was greeted warmly by everyone, except the big fat kitty. I was so impressed at how well he handled himself in the face of this obvious snobbery. Jerico was transfixed with the cat for a few hours last night. It didn't seem like he meant him any ill will, it looked like to me that he was merely pointing out that he had located a cat. "Now hear this, I have located the cat." 

"I've spotted him again. Do not be alarmed, I've got the cat in my sights."
Then this morning, the best thing of all...we walked together around the loop. I kept him on the leash until we reached the more remote part of the hike where there is no chance of an encounter with a vehicle. When I unhooked the leash and told him to "go ahead boy, go get em", I don't think I've ever witnessed anything quite so glorious. If you could wrap up excitement, jubilation, happiness, and freedom into a package, it would have been Jerico this morning. My heart just about leapt right out of my chest as he bounded down the road before me. He would stop and look back at me as if to say, "are you sure this is ok?" and I would say "go on" and off he would go again. I think jubilation is the perfect word to describe what he must have been feeling. 
A part of me wishes he could tell me his story, where he's been, what the journey was like that lead him to me. Whatever the story, I'm thankful that he is here now. I'll never forget my Wilson and I won't expect Jerico to replace him. We will have our own story, our own adventures. He is sleeping at my feet now and I can feel a sense of peace and belonging from him. I read a quote recently that states, "A dog has one aim in bestow his heart." J.R. Ackerley. This is an excellent description of Jerico. 


LONI said...

Awww...I am so happy for you two!!

Anonymous said...

I work at the fayetteville weim rescue and i just love Jerico. I am so happy he has found his 4ever home...Robin