Thursday, February 12, 2009

I am going to humiliate myself

Before you watch the video below, please understand that I am only posting it because it always makes me laugh and it will probably make you laugh to. Now let me give a brief history of how this came to be. 
Last spring I had a sudden inkling to bring a couple of baby geese home with me from the feed store. I don't really know what made me do it, I just can't help myself sometimes when it comes to certain critters. Anyway, I was also building a picket fence in my front yard around the same time and had my little goslings out in the yard while I was working away. This video was taken the day the kids and I were out painting the fence. When we came in for lunch, we brought the geese in and let them swim in the tub which was immensely entertaining, no matter how white trash it may seem. Anyway, I was sitting on the only seat in the bathroom while the babies had their afternoon swim and I was checking my e mail on my notebook. Also (this is the odd part) I liked to talk to my geese and did my best to speak "mother goose" to them. See, it all seems perfectly rational that a grown woman would be sitting on the potty covered in paint, laptop in hand, with baby geese swimming around in the tub, honking like a goose. 
I was not aware, however, that this whole fiasco was being recorded by sweet Taylor who happened to be in the room with me. I thought she was just taking pictures. So, even though the geese are gone now, I will always have this to remind me of what I complete and total lunatic I am and how easily I can laugh hysterically at my silly self. 


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TLDR1440 said...

my kids LOVED this! thanks for posting it --- it was sweet to see those little babies, and then you Mom-ing for them. :)
- Martine