Tuesday, February 24, 2009

The Designer

My Sunday morning class recently began a study called "Out with Doubt". It is a study on creation versus evolution. Now, I need no convincing that there is a great and mighty creator but this study is fascinating and is teaching me, and hopefully the kids, volumes about creation and an insight into how evolutionists think and reason. 
Our class this past Sunday was a wonderful revelation that explained that "every design has a designer". Examples were given on how you wouldn't just find a laptop on a beach and explain that it came to be over millions of years of happenstances and coincidences. It clearly had to have a designer. Then we went on to learn how amazing and wonderfully designed the universe is. How if we were even a fraction closer or further away from the sun, life on earth would be unsustainable. We learned how incredibly advanced the human eye is and how even with all the technological advances of our time, it can not be replicated. 
There were other examples given about the astounding miracles that exist in nature. This got me thinking about every design imaginable, from the tiniest flower hidden in the grass, to the mightiest forces of nature like tornadoes and tidal waves. Yesterday Rodney and I spent the better part of the day working our cows. We actually only managed to get the calves worked and are working cows today. There was a baby calf in the mix that was only about 24 hours old. It was the cutest little thing and I was admiring it's design. I'll take my camera today and try to get a picture of him. 
When the day was growing to a close and we were still up to our ears in work, I was watching the sky change colors. The evening was pretty cold but absolutely glorious. My heart was so happy even in the midst of mooing cows and the flying poo. The sky kept growing more and more breathtaking and I could hardly stand the fact that my camera was at home. 
So I called Taylor (on of my favorite of God's designs!!) and asked her if she could please please take some pictures of the sunset. I wasn't hoping for anything spectacular but I couldn't live without this sky being captured. When I got home and reviewed the pictures she had taken...well, you be the judge. I could fall on my face and weep right now from the beauty she captured. I'm sure I'll be posting more on this whole topic for it has captured my thinking and I'm sure to stay glued to it until I've exhausted every ounce of it. I am very thankful for every creation and am overwhelmed to be able to witness it all. 

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