Wednesday, February 11, 2009


This has happened to me a hundred times. I get in my car to go someplace and my journey is delayed or rerouted by some obstacle in my path. Half-way between home and the highway lies a low-water bridge which detours our plans when it rains too much. At the end of the road, there is a railroad track, which many time has a train blocking our way. I will inevitably get behind the slowest driver in Arkansas, who just happens to be driving in my neck of the woods on any given day and, since I rarely pass people on the highway (especially hwy 71), I'll be late to wherever it is I'm going. Now, don't take this the wrong way for none of these things are a nuisance to me. As soon as I feel the slightest tug of impatience when I am diverted, I simply stop and thank God because I know he is keeping me safe. God knows better than I which way I should travel, and who am I to argue over such a mundane detail as which road I will traverse today or what time I will arrive? As a matter of fact, I kind of enjoy when my path is rerouted. The scenery is different and fresh to my eyes, the people I may meet are new and exciting... it is like the day has a little surprise for me and I love surprises. I was thinking about this concept of mine and how I can apply it to everything else in my life that catches me off guard. I completely trust God's judgement, even when it hurts. This last hurt of loosing my puppy was painful and I did ask God "why?". My mom reminded me of something last week when I was grieving. She told me about a puppy that she got for Dwayne after I left home. This puppy was also a little Weimaraner and so sweet and precious. Then one day while she was on the farm alone, she accidentally ran over him and killed him. I remember how upset she was, almost inconsolable. But, the family member that she got the puppy from insisted that she have another puppy the next time she had a litter. And so our lives were blessed with Dexter. He was with us on the farm for 13 years and was dearly loved by all of us. When she reminded me of this, I decided that I would pick myself up out of the pity pit and look forward to what is coming next instead of being sad about what is gone.  

  • So, I am now looking into adopting a dog. I found a rescue shelter for Weimaraners in Bentonville. I've filled out the application and am expecting a call today. These are dogs that have been surrendered by their owners for one reason or another. I read about one dog who had to be surrendered because his owner was in the military and was being deployed over-seas. I really wanted that dog but he has already been adopted. There are several others, some who aren't even listed on the web site. I feel so good about this decision. Giving a home to a dog that really needs a home, perhaps who's heart has been broken as mine has, will be more healing than anything I can think of. I can't wait to let everyone know who my new family member will be. 

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