Thursday, July 3, 2008

July 4th

Tomorrow is the fourth of July. This means that our extended family has already started showing up for the big annual family reunion on Saturday. Things tend to get a little hectic this time of year. I'm already anticipating chaos, or as my Aunt Susie so colorfully puts it "a boiling, seething, pot of doo doo." Ahhh I can hear it all now, the indecision, the panicking about food preparation, people being late, unfinished drinks put on trial, the audacity of people who put aluminum in the paper trash will all be quite a sight to behold. I'm just glad that I'm one of the spectators in all of this madness and not a participant. 
Rodney and I will celebrate our 17th anniversary tomorrow as well. We're just getting started. Kyle will leave on Sunday for church camp and Taylor will leave on Wednesday for Washington D.C. Mom and Dad are also leaving on Wednesday for Arizona so Rodney and I will have a rare opportunity to have the farm all to ourselves for a few days. This is what I am looking forward to. If I can just make it through the madness of the next few days, then I can have a couple of days of calm.

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