Wednesday, July 9, 2008


Taylor was playing with my i sight camera and created this picture...I thought it was so pretty. She left for Washington D.C. this morning and Mom and Dad left for Arizona too. Kyle is at church camp until Friday evening so Rodney and I are here on the farm ALONE!!! This is very exciting for some reason. I don't know what we'll do just the two of us here. We both have quite a few farm chores waiting on us, there is just something refreshing about having only each other. 
We built a ramp for the goats yesterday for them to eat from. It is very steep and they have to really stretch to get to their food. I can already tell that it is going to work wonders on their they seem to like it. I also hung their hay net up high so that they will have to stretch to get it too. I want to take a picture but Taylor has our only working camera with her. I guess I could take my computer out there and take a picture with the computer camera. I'll try to do that this evening and post some pictures. It is so funny to see them working so hard for their food. 
I've got several hours of farm work to do...better get to it. 

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