Thursday, July 10, 2008

Washington Monument

Taylor arrived in Washington D.C. this morning about 9:00 (Arkansas time). She texted me earlier and said they were having breakfast in Virginia. She then sent me this picture and a flood of emotion came over me. I can't tell you how full my heart is for that child. You know, mothers just know the heart of their children, and I've always known that she was meant for great things. I know this about Kyle too, it is just that his greatness may not always be visible to everyone. Taylor has a thirst for adventure and loves to go go go. She has never been content to just sit and let life go by, she wants to touch it, throw herself into it. I remember when she was just a little girl (and I do mean LITTLE) and she would jump off the high dive at the swimming pool. I can still see her standing there with her little floaties on her arms, smiling and excited. My heart was about to beat right out of me chest...she jumped and popped right back up out of the water and as fast as her little legs could swim, she'd go right back and do it again. Daredevil!! 
One of the hard things about being a mother is letting go. Especially when your babies have big wings and big dreams. I'll be standing by the whole time, cautiously watching, but every urging her to go go go. She will be better for this experience and probably learn something that she can teach me. I used to think that it was the mother's job to mold and make their kids into the people they are to become, but boy do those babies ever mold and make me. The older they get the more I'm figuring out that I have much to learn from them...and I pray that my example will be just what they need too. 

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