Wednesday, July 9, 2008

New Goat Toy

Look at the hole in the door. Isn't that sweet? Taylor rescued this kitten last week. I thought that the ramp we built turned out very nice. It is utilitarian and not really for looks but it helps me immensely for things to look nice. I also had another little problem that I solved yesterday. We had a little bit of a poop problem in the goat pen and I was shoveling and raking everyday trying to get as much as I could out of there. Goat poo, as you can imagine, is not easy to scoop up. It was like trying to get tiny pebbles out of the grass. So I started thinking, I need a big vacuum cleaner or something. Then it hit me. I could put the grass catcher on my little push mower and suck up the poo this way. VIOLA!!! It worked like a dream. Sometimes it amazes me how genius I am. I love solving problems, even if it involves poop!

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