Friday, July 18, 2008

Summertime bliss

I discovered that if I leave the battery out of my camera when it is not in use, that it works when I put it back in. It is a little bit of a pain but I'm just glad that I can use it. Isn't this quite the abstract photo? The hummingbirds are very busy these days at the feeders. While Mom and Dad were out of town last week, I always knew when her feeders were empty because I would have about a million show up at my house. One evening, there were about a go-gillion of them out there and I just took the camera out and started shooting. I got some pretty good ones, most are just blurs of wings and beaks. This is one of the best things about summer. I love feeding the birds and it is so thrilling that I get to feed different birds during the different seasons. There is just something about knowing that your helping these tiny creatures survive and multiply. Sometimes I wonder if they appreciate it, but being a servant to the birds is greatly rewarded without even a single thank you. 

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