Monday, July 14, 2008

Berry Picking

Our neighbor to the north sold his land this past spring. This is the neighbor who graciously lets us pick from the abundance of black berries that thrive on his land. However, the new owner is planning to graze this acreage and is in the process of bush hogging all of the berry vines down. I went over there on Rodney's birthday and picked just enough to make him a cobbler and, up to that point, none of the vines that I usually pick from had been cut down. Rodney told me last night that he had been back over there bush hogging and that if I wanted to get any berries I'd better do it soon. So I went this morning and, sure enough, the vines were on their way to being no more. I nearly cried. I've been picking over there for years and never really thought that there would be a day when they would be gone. 
Anyway, apparently his bushhog broke down and he had to quit so I am on a mission to get as many as I can while they are there. Also, Rodney opened the last jar of blackberry jam that we had in the pantry so this made this mission even more desperate. I have enough to do one batch of jam today. I'm going to try and get the kids to help me this evening and we will go and get some more. I guess in the berry seasons to come I'll be forced to find berries like a cave person, rummaging through the forest. This will surely make the jam taste even better and be much more precious.  

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