Thursday, July 24, 2008

Cossatot River

                                                                      Sheep's Den
This is one of my favorite places. It is on the Cossatot River and the locals call it the Sandbar. The water is always so clean and clear here. If I had to choose between a swimming pool and this place, I would choose the river every time. It usually takes until mid July before the water is warm and the visits here before then consist of about 15 minutes of inching into the water so my body can adjust. The kids usually barrel right in and say "it's not cold". Usually at least once a year we make a trip out to the "Sheeps Den". This is on the Cossatot as well, just further up river and quite a hike to get to. It is always well worth the hike. The Sheeps Den is by far one of the most beautiful places I've ever been and it is right here in my neighborhood. There is a huge rock near a pool of water that is so deep you can't reach to bottom. This makes for a great adventure of jumping into the water from a height that will make your tummy tickle. It usually takes me a while to work up the nerve but it is always exhilarating. We haven't been out to the Sheep's den yet this year and summer is running out. I guess we'll have to go soon and I'll post some pictures. 

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