Friday, February 8, 2008


We had two sets of twins this past week. The first set were two heifers, the second was a bull and heifer. Of the set of twins that were both heifers, one was being fed and the other wasn't. So...she is being fed now Her mom didn't want her, or seem to be able to care for her. We tried to put her with a cow who lost a calf, and she was shunned by this cow as well. It was so heart breaking to watch this helpless little creature being rejected not only by her own mother but seemingly by everyone. It wasn't hard to decide to bring her home and be her mom. If nobody else will love her, I will.
As you can see, Buddy is in love with her too. Actually I think he is in love with the milk drippings which he lovingly licks off of her face...but I like to think that he loves her too. I think it makes him feel important to guard her from danger...and Charlottle. We haven't named her yet, just calling her baby and sweetie.
The other set of twins are in the lot with their mother. We are helping her out with feedings too, since this can be quite an undertaking for a cow. She gets pretty ticked at us when we start handling her babies, I sometimes wish we could explain to them that we are just trying to help. We also have a cow in the lot that we weren't sure if her baby was nursing. We put her in the squeeze shoot and milked her, put the baby up there and tried to get it to nurse. In the middle of all of this, the cow kicked and got Rodney in the arm. Nothing is broken but he is pretty sore and has a nice war wound to show for his troubles. When it rains it pours around here.

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