Wednesday, February 20, 2008

Memories of Buddy

Buddy's injury turned out not to be an injury at all, but a tumor. Our only options were to amputate his leg or put him through expensive and painful treatments. Neither of these options were ok with us, so our decision was to let him go. I couldn't see making him carry that big ol body around on three legs, although I know he would have done it without complaint, or to spend a bunch of money on treatments that would only prolong the inevitable. Ironically, today is Buddy's birthday, he is 5 years old today, and my what a life he has led. I could tell story after story of his bravery and dedication to our family. The one I think of now that reflects his loyalty is this: Once I was in the chicken houses and Buddy was waiting for me outside the door I went in, as he usually did. But instead of going out the door I went in, I had to go out the opposite door for something, so he never saw me leave. The next morning I was wondering where Buddy was and Rodney said that the last time he saw him, he was still sitting down by the chicken houses. We drove down there and, sure enough, there he was, loyally waiting for me to emerge from the chicken house. He had been there all night long. What a dog. I will cherish the memories I have of him always. I will remember him running through the fields, swimming in the ponds, running along side me, clearing my path and being ever present and my big ol guardian dog. He will be buried in a place of honor on top of "lightning hill" where Dexter, another brave and loyal family dog is buried. We will miss him.
Goodbye my beautiful Buddy.

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