Friday, February 22, 2008

Where is the joy?

It is another gray and cold February day here in Southwest Arkansas. My spirits are somewhat better than what they have been the last couple of days. I have a sense of urgency to get my house clean and organized. This happens to me periodically, probably a hormonal thing, or maybe it has to do with the phase of the moon, who knows. I am thankful that I have plenty to do to keep my occupied and busy. My heart is still very tender over the loss of my beloved Buddy. In fact, it started to rain really hard last night and my chest just tightened and hurt. I don't know why the rain set off this pain, but it did. I hate to keep bringing this up, for I know it must be a big bummer to those who read it and my wish isn't to be a bummer but a inspiration. So, people who read my blog, this is my inspiration for the day. Life is cruel. Crap happens everyday. Bad things happen to good people etc etc...The goal here is to look beyond the crap. Where is the joy in a dead dog you ask?? Well, the joy is in this. I am blessed beyond measure. I was blessed to have Buddy for the 5 years he lived. What a blessing it is that I have a husband that took a better part of a day to comfort me and take care of the arrangements, calling the vet, driving me there, digging a grave, crying along side me and holding me and on top of all of this, had to do all of the farm work too. The blessing I have in my beautiful children is beyond any description. I got a glimpse of how precious my family is as we stood over the grave of our dog, weeping together, leaning on each other for comfort. It is in all of this that I find JOY. Can you believe it, joy!! It is times of trials and tragedy that families are pulled closer together, and I will consider this Buddy's last act of love and loyalty to this family. 
(The picture is of "lightning hill")

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