Saturday, February 23, 2008


Living on a farm which has more than a few acres, you have to identify the different locations by name. You have heard me mention "lighting hill". Well, I am excited to announce that the jonquils are blooming on "jonquil hill". This was obviously an old house place and we continue to find little treasures over there, besides the jonquils. There is a large old fashion rose bush on the fence line that Rodney keeps threatening to cut down. Mom has a large water pump in her rose garden that was harvested from here. But look at what other treasure I found!! Kyle picking Jonquils for his mom. He picked a whole bunch of them that are now gracing my kitchen table, he even helped arrange them in the vase. Now before you start to think how sweet it is for a 13 year old boy to pick flowers for his should know that I sent him on this mission. I would have picked them myself but I was trying to get some other things done. I also thought that this might be a nice counter offensive to all of the gun shooting, skinning, spitting and scratching that he is learning from his dad. After all, this boy will be a man soon and I would like for him to grow up to be the kind of man that might actually think to pick flowers for someone he loves. I'll be expecting a big thank you from whomever he marries. 

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