Thursday, February 14, 2008


This sunset was from a few days ago. It fits perfectly with my mood this morning.
Rodney and I decided last night that we were going to bring home the little bull calf (one of the twins) and feed him here instead of keeping him with his mom down in the lot. So this morning after I got the kids off to school, we hopped in the truck and went down to fetch him. It was only about 25 degrees this morning, clear and frosty - beautiful. It didn't take much doing for Rodney to corner the little guy and pick him up and carry him to the truck. This is when my services were required. I sat on the tailgate of the truck while Rodney handed him over to me. I scooped him up in my arms, held on tight and away we went.
This is the part that I was getting to, the part I wanted to share. For a few brief moments this lovely February morning, I got a glimpse of what my purpose is. I have ridden on tailgates many times with calves in my lap, many times have I desperatly bottle fed a new born hoping that this will save it, many times have I helped in pulling calves who were breech or too big and helped them take their first breath of life...but for some reason this morning, all of this came together for me. I was so happy. I was freezing, sitting on the tailgate of an old pickup, going down an old dirt road, my feet swinging in the breeze with my big dirty boots on, holding on to a calf and I was so ridiculously happy. This is my peace, my place, my life, my home. I've often thought about what life would be like if we had wealth and great possesions, and I never felt peaceful about it. Happieness doesn't come from things, in fact it takes very little to make one happy. I've always known this intelectually but I truly felt it this morning.
I hope that all of you, whoever may read this, is at peace in your place today. That whatever you may find yourself doing will bring you fullfillment and joy beyond what money or things can provide. My prayer is that every person can have these little glimpses of peace in their lives, no matter how mundane the task may seem, that it makes you feel like you are where God wants you and you may feel that you are home.

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