Thursday, July 1, 2010

Why I Love Rodney

Sunday, July 4th will be the 19-year anniversary of the day I married Rodney.

I always get a little sentimental and mushy around this time of year and reminiscent of the years past. We have both learned a lot and grown up a lot over the past 19 years and, amazingly, are still completely in love.

I just wanted to share a little bit about why I love that man. You can read on if you wish or you can run for your life, I'll understand.

1. He told me once in an old pick-up-truck, sitting in the dark, that if we were going to do this thing and get married, we were going to do it all the way. There would be no quitting, we're in it for the long haul. And I felt married to him at that moment.

2. He is a good man all the way through to his core.

3. He makes me laugh daily, and he laughs at me too.

4. He loved his grandmother and cherishes her memory.

5. He has loved me through all my insanity and chaos, even though he is so structured and persnickety.

6. Once he sat and listened to me weep and spout out hormonal lunacy and explain to him how nobody loves me, not even the dog, and he told me I needed to go lay down... and then went out and bought me some wind-chimes.

7. When my Papaw was dying and we were told that we needed to say our goodbye's, he sat with me next to his bed, with both our hands wrapped around that beautiful mans hand, and wept together.

8. He loves my mother and does sweet things for her.

9. He puts up with my dad.

10. He calls me from the tractor when he sees baby deer to gush about how little and tiny and cute they are

11. He is a good father.

12. He once had to buy unmentionables for Taylor at Wal-mart and was unsure what exactly to get and asked an associate for help.

13. He once dried a barbie-doll's hair because Taylor asked him to.

14. When he kisses my neck, his beard tickles and I fly off into outer-space and see stars.

15. He doesn't care whether I cook or not, so most of the time...I don't.

16. He is teaching my son how to be a man.

17. He sits beside me in church and holds my hand.

18. He loves God.

19. He brought me to live on a farm in Arkansas.

20. He makes the best coffee ever and we enjoy it together every morning and discuss the day ahead.

21. He does everything slowly and thoroughly and has taught me a lot of patience.

22. He is honest.

23. I can tell him anything and everything...and I do.

24. He has loved me when I was overweight, when I was thin, and now when I am somewhere in between.

25. He is not a gooey romantic, but is sincere, forthright and genuine and I wouldn't have him any other way.

I could continue on. I kind-of wish I hadn't numbered these, because 25 reasons I love Rodney doesn't even begin to scratch the surface. I am a very blessed woman and I pray I never take for granted the gift God has given me in that precious darling man.


LONI said...

I LOVE yall's love!! From the outside looking in you guys are what I aspire my relationship and life to be like. Happy Anniversary guys... I love yall!!

blndee74 said...

Aww! That's a really sweet list! Hope you had a wonderful anniversary!

blndee74 said...

My mom's wanted me to swing by and tells ya that she gave you an award. We luvs your blog, n I's wanna come visit Eddie.

Swings by our blog and picks it up, when yous get a chance!

Wiggles & Giggles,
Lucy Lou

TLDR1440 said...

wow, thank you Jenni. our 20th was may 30. thank you so much for this hubby-gratitude list --- i'm stealing some of it for mine. :)
love you,