Saturday, July 31, 2010


Natalie and Clara Nell, who are 10 and 7, are spending some time on the farm this summer. They are my very dear friends, Jeff and Angela's girls. They attended Eddie's funeral on Thursday and helped me place leaves and grass in his grave (we couldn't find any flowers).

Yesterday, I received the sweetest condolences I think I have ever seen and probably will ever receive in my life.
Clara Nell drew this one. The fact that Eddie now has wings is almost too much to bear. I'm also very glad to know that he is being attended to by angels.
I love that she even got the tail right, and those smooshy cheeks.
Eddie loved children. He is most pleased with this compassion, I'm sure of it. One thing that Doc told me that gave me some joy on the day of Eddie's passing is that his kids were at the office all day that day and played with Eddie almost all day long. I couldn't think of a better way for him to spend his last day on earth.

This is also Clara's art work. His wings are magnificent aren't they?
And this is what I received from Miss Natalie.

Did you know that if you cry enough tears that your mouth will get dry? I didn't know that until Thursday. I also didn't know until yesterday the great toll that intense grief can take on you physical body. The kindness of all my family and friends and the love of God has been my saving grace over the past couple of days.
And this, this melts my heart. If dogs do go to heaven, Eddie is, no doubt, there. Saying goodbye to him was among the hardest things I've ever had to do. I was counting on him being with me for a long time, at least to see me through my transition into my empty nest season and on into being a grandmother. God never ceases to surprise me with the direction life's one of the reasons I don't do a whole lot of planning. I do know for sure that He wants the best for me, He would never hurt me and, even the grief I feel now will pale in comparison to the joy and happiness that awaits me. He is simply perfecting my faith.

My next post will be a happier one. All along, my intentions of this blog have been to be uplifting, to be fun, to encourage, and to exhort. I hate that we've all had to grieve this way. Eddie was the brightest, funniest, most uplifting topic this silly little blog has ever seen. I must move forward without him. The first few steps have been slow and difficult but soon I will be running again, moving forward but never forgetting how blessed I was to have him. I am going to place some wind-chimes in the tree above where he is buried and even the summer breezes will remember him. Run and be free my darling little Eddie.


Lana said...

I so understand your pain, but my story is a bit different. We adopted a dog a year ago, she is my best buddy, and she went missing while we were gone for spring break. I cried the last half of our vacation, all the way home, and that Monday while I put up Missing dog signs around our small town. As only God can do, a windmill worker recognized Sadie from the picture and called us to say she was about 5 miles from home at a construction site. I cried the whole way there, cried as I called her, and am still crying as I type this about five months later. I hope you will be able to find another friend soon. They bring such joy to our lives. You can read about Sadie, my "furend" on my blog

We are farmers in northwestern Indiana, one county north of Purdue. Our lovely county in the most agricultural county in the state, and we boast ONE red-yellow-green stop light, ONE fast food business, Subway, and the largest wind farm in the state and I think the second largest in the country! Hope you get to stop by and see me!

Priscilla said...

You brought tears to my eyes.
I lost 2 dogs this year and the pain is still there but I know that they are in heaven now and we'll see them again one day.