Tuesday, July 27, 2010


Eddie is home. We went to pick him up this afternoon much to his delight. The test for pithiosis came back positive so now, at least, we know what we are dealing with.

The next step is immuno-therapy. We will have 3 treatments over the next month that will greatly increase his chance of survival. The odds still aren't good but they will be over 50% with the therapy as apposed to less than 25% without it.

Right now, he seems relieved to be home. We made a lap around the yard, said hello to the kittens, had a couple of cramping potty episodes and then snuggled in the hammock for a little while. Laying there in the hammock with my very ill Eddie, I was reflecting on his puppy-hood and all the months he slept nuzzled under my arm and how he loved it there. I imagine if I was sick, there couldn't really be a better place than in the safety of my mothers arms. This made me happy that I could provide a safe place for him to heal.

It's obvious that we have quite a battle in front of us. He is thin and weak and obviously in discomfort. I am going to do my best to keep him quite and comfortable and hopefully put some weight back on him.
I gave Dr. Martin a copy of this picture in a frame. This is what we are shooting for, to have this Eddie back. Jubilant, lighthearted, bounding through the fields, Eddie. I have this photo hanging in my living room and there hasn't been a soul that has gazed upon it whom it hasn't caused to smile or even laugh out loud. I think that is a pretty good tool to be hanging in the vet's office, one that makes people smile.

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