Friday, July 23, 2010


The news is bleak for my darling Eddie.

Dr. Martin had to remove a mass that was between his small and large intestines. The mass was attached to his lymph nodes as well which also had to be removed. He said it was a "mess" and that it looked to him to be some form of cancer. And, the tears stream down my face as I stare at that word and wonder why.

The similarities between Eddie's predicament and Wilson's is eerily similar. It has left us all wondering what the cause could be. I am going to send off some of his dog food to make sure that this wasn't the cause.

As for now, Eddie is in critical condition since the surgery was so tedious, attaching large and small intestines back together. The next 48 hours will be uncertain and precarious.

I am attempting to be optimistic but am heart broken to say the least. I keep thinking that Eddie never really belonged to me in the first place, God has just let me keep him for a while and I'm praying that He will have pity on my heart and let me keep him a little while longer.

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Marianne said...

Aww, Jen. I'm seriously shedding tears- I hope your dear boy is going to be okay. Lucy and I are going to say a little prayer for him, and we're going to send big bunches of boxer vibes your way! Please keep us posted! We'll be pulling for him!

Marianne & Lucy