Wednesday, March 25, 2009

An Update

Taylor and I left the hospital yesterday to come back home. Boy did it feel good to drive up my driveway. 
Mom is doing better today. I called Dad just a little while ago and he gave me an update. She had a pretty rough night last night with nausea and vomiting, apparently from the pain medication. They changed her to a different medication and she is feeling much better. As far as the pain, she is still suffering quite a bit but the surgeon said that this is just going to be the status quo for the next few days, possibly weeks. 
We are still praying for a speedy recovery and would appreciate any prayers on her behalf. I will be going back, probably tomorrow, but I have some things that need to be done around the farm. I really wish I had one of those teleportation machines...a clone would come in handy too. Taylor and Kyle have been an invaluable asset to us and I feel so bad that they are giving up spring-break time to help out with family and farm. I owe them big-time. 

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