Monday, March 2, 2009


Breakfast is the most important meal of the day...and yes, I took a picture of mine. It was just so darn pretty glistening in the morning sun, I couldn't bear to gobble it down without pausing to admire it. If you aren't an avid eater of breakfast, I hope that you can change your mind about it a bit. Your metabolism will get a big big boost and your whole day will be more productive. Seriously. 
This morning, I made one of my favorite breakfasts. I cooked an egg in my little pan in just a bit of olive oil. Then, when the egg is placed on my pretty plate (it is vital to happiness that you eat your food off of a pretty plate), I sprinkle it with cheese so it will melt and be scrumptious. Next I toss a hand full of spinach into the pan and wilt it just a little, this goes on top of the cheese. Then I add a generous helping of rotell tomatoes, sprinkle it with a little garlic salt and some pepper and voila!! A lovely breakfast for Jenni. I get a nice helping of protein from the egg, omega 3's from the olive oil, iron and calcium in the spinach, and lycopene in the tomatoes. All that aside, it is completely YUMMY! That beautiful breakfast is now in my tummy and will nourish me for the better part of this morning. Somehow I feel like I can take on anything the day will bring with the knowledge that I enjoyed such an exquisite breakfast. So, if you scarfed down some cold cereal with sugar in it, or ate (gasp) some horrid fast food biscuit-type product, or even worse, skipped breakfast all together, I hope you will consider being nicer to your body. It only took me about 5 minutes to create such a masterpiece and it's benefits will be unequaled. So, go on and make yourself and egg!!

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