Tuesday, March 24, 2009


I am going to attempt to blog from my iPod, so please excuse any horrid misspellings.
Many people are unaware of what is going on with my dear mother and I am getting asked a lot of questions.

Mom had extensive neck surgery yesterday. The discs in her neck were so degenerated and arthritic that her spinal chord was being pinched and her mobility was being compromised. She had already lost the use of her right arm. So the miracle of modern medicine stepped in. The surgeon said that when he got in there that even her ligaments were calcified and he had to use a drill where a scalple would have been used. Four of her vertebre were removed and cadaver bones were inserted along with a titanium cage and some of hercown stem cells to help her body generate it's own bone!! He said it is the same concept that was used on Tiger Woods knee, very cutting-edge.
She will have a significant recovery period with the next few days being the worst as far as pain goes. I am trying to keep my dad from wearing himself out more than anything because I sure don't want to have to take care of both of them.
They are both sleeping and snoring right now. I feel as if I have two sleeping infants in the room and am keeping the room quiet and flinching with every noise in the hall or nurse entering the room. And, since I feel so completely vulnerable posting this without my dictionary/thesaurus on my MacBook, I shall cease pecking my ipod to death. Please continue your prayers for my sweet mother and God bless you all.

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