Wednesday, March 18, 2009

Something New

Well, look who showed up today!! I have been waiting for this since last spring and finally, a new baby. My heart is just about to burst, almost to the point where I may have to loosen my bra. Rain, the new mother, began showing signs of labor this morning. I had about a go-zillion things I had to do at the shop so I went on to work and periodically came back to check on her. 
About 3:00 she started very actively laboring, I mean screaming and everything. I sat there staring at her backside for what seemed like an hour and nothing was happening. So, I decided to leave her alone and go back to work for a while. Rodney happened to come home for a minute and went out to check on her and it was happening. He called me and said, "you've almost got a baby down here." Well, my heart jumped into my throat and I ran, yes ran, to the car and sped to the house. When I got to the shed, there stood Rodney cleaning off a freshly born tiny little baby goat. The sight of this is one I'm sure I will always remember. 
Then, there was another surprise. While we were tending to the first little baby, another one was born!!! Oh, I wish I could put into words my joy over this. I haven't been able to concentrate on anything else since. Right now I want to go back out there and check on them. 
I may have to roll out a sleeping bag and sleep in the shed tonight. They are both boys, by the way and I'm considering naming them Harry and Lloyd. This might not be a good idea since I really don't want to have "dumb" goats, but I just like those names for some reason. If anybody has any other suggestions for names, I would love to hear them. For now, I think I'll go loosen my bra and try to keep my head on. 

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