Wednesday, March 11, 2009

Trip to the dentist

Yesterday, Taylor and I had a fun filled trip to the dentist. Taylor had to have all four of her wisdom teeth extracted. We were both a little nervous about it, especially when they called us back to the room and made us wait surrounded by machines and all sorts of cold, iron, torture devices. 
We thought seriously about calming ourselves with the Nitrous Oxide despite the warning label stating "avoid inhalation"! psshhh!!!, what else are you supposed to do with the stuff?? Blow dry your hair with it?
Then there was the thought of using the anesthetics in these syringes. But we decided to just take some more pictures and keep making each other laugh, without the gas. 
Then the doctor came in and uncovered THIS!!! AAAHHHHH!!!!! It was at this point that I very seriously considered grabbing poor Taylor and making a run for it. 
Yep, let's get the heck out of here baby. But we decided that the doctor was right and that the teeth needed to come out, especially since Taylor had been battling headaches and shooting pains for about a month. Probably best that we go ahead and let them go. 

About 20 minutes later, Taylor didn't care about much anything. It was at this point that all my nurturing, motherly instincts flew out the window and I became a giggling teenager, pointing and laughing hysterically and taking pictures of my inebriated buddy. 
Like any typical drunk, she was loud, laughing and making no sense whatsoever. Partly because her mouth was full of gauze, and then partly because she, almost assuredly, inhaled that nitrous oxide!! 

Apparently, her "lips were in the way" which became a source of great frustration since she "couldn't feel her tongue".  She asked me about 50 times "Mom, how did I get here?" and "How long was I out?" and, I must admit, none of these questions were easily translated. The recovery area was in a hallway with nurses and patients walking past and we got lots of smiles and odd looks. All in all, the day was successful and Taylor is doing very well with recovery now that she is sober. 

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