Tuesday, March 17, 2009

Thank you Lord for the spring time! The weather has been so gray and rainy and cold for what has seemed like forever, that the sunshine feels like a drug, and am I ever high on it. As I sit here typing this, the sun is coming through my window and my skin is soaking it up like a thirsty sponge. I took these pictures before the latest episode of icky weather. The weather was so beautiful for a few days that when the cold rain returned, it was a complete shock and left me wondering what the heck God could be thinking about...it seemed like some sort of practical joke. Thank goodness it was a short lived joke and the sun is back now. 
It really is amazing how the weather can affect a persons whole outlook on life. The sun actually returned yesterday, the same day I lost Jerico. I think God knew I needed some cheering up and I was so thankful for his kind gesture. Nobody knows my heart like God and he knows what I need and he knew I needed some sunshine. I've been working in the shop all day finishing a set of cabinets for a job we are working on. So, I got to be out in the glorious day, doing something I completely love to do...aren't you jealous?? I hope that all of the people that may read this will find some sunshine in their lives. I pray that you may find yourself doing something that you love, and I hope that you will know from where all these blessings come. 

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