Tuesday, October 7, 2008


WARNING: This blog is full of mushy sentiments. 

I woke up this morning feeling all warm and toasty inside, well that is after I was fully awake. When I say toasty, I mean mushy and sappy like when the Grinch came to his epiphany when the Who's started singing down in whoville. 

I've been enjoying the incredible weather that we've been having, day after day of sunshine and cool breezes keeping me busy outside and working in the shop. Now that the weather has turned rainy and gray, pushed me back indoors, and limited my time outside, I've found that this too has it's good points. Mom made chicken and dressing for everyone last night followed by peach cobbler and ice cream. After we did dishes and my family came back to my house, we sat around by the warm lamp light while the rain fell outside and watched Dancing with the Stars. I would like to tell you that we all sat around and played cards or did something much more sentimental than t.v. watching, but we love Dancing with the Stars, and now that we've been watching it for several seasons, it does feel quite wistful. Maybe waking up with dressing in my tummy caused my insides to feel warm and nostalgic, maybe it is because I dreamt of puppies last night, again...or it could possibly be that I have some sort of heartburn?? Anyway, it is a feeling that I would like to keep around for a while. In just a few minutes, I'll have to put on my rubber boots and navigate my way through the mud and puddles to go feed the goats. Working in the shop doesn't stop because of the rain either but it sure makes it feel nice to come home in the evenings. 

This picture is of the road just before you get to my driveway. So many times I've driven this path, sometimes it is habit and I don't notice how lovely it is. Most of the time, however, I pull in and my heart gets warm, like I feel now. It gives me such joy to have a place to belong, not just a house but a home. And, whether or not it is sunny or rainy, warm or cold, winter summer spring or fall, it is home and it always welcomes me. 

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