Friday, October 31, 2008


Compared to the way my mom did Halloween, I am such a LOOSER!! I so remember caramel apples, homemade costumes, and neighborhood parties. When my kids were little, we would go to the wal-marts pick out a costume (some of which did double duty as pajamas until they were too little to wear) and do the trick-or-treat thing. Nothing was spectacular, nothing of any notable memory I'm sure. 
Rodney and I had to go to Mena today to run some errands and every place we went in, DMV, court house, bank, tire store, restaurant, all of them had big bowls of candy in plain view, free for the taking. It really became pretty fun hopping from one errand to the next, wondering if the next stop would have "good" candy that we could munch on, or just put in my purse till later. All of this "trick-or-treating" got me all mushy and sentimental inside for fun Halloween traditions. I really really wanted to carve a pumpkin with my kids but I forgot that Taylor had to be at a party and that Kyle detests pumpkins (ever since an encounter with a rotten one). Long story short, I resolved myself to do the carving with or without the kids. And, I did. 
It was fun, but nothing is quite as fun as it is when I get to share it with my kids. I so loved the lighting of the candles and the wonderful glow that it created. 
We didn't go trick-or-treating either!! But, I did promise Kyle that we could hit Wal-mart tomorrow and buy some of that day-after-halloween bargain candy, that will be fun too!!

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