Monday, October 27, 2008

Cold Morning

One of the best things about a cold morning are thick wool socks and a fire to toast your feet by. This morning I woke to an outside temperature reading of 34, which we call "fricken freezing" around my house. It will only get colder from here on out, with a few spurts of warm weather here and there. I bought this heater a few weeks ago, got it hooked up last week and could not wait for it to get cold enough for me to turn it on. The only thing missing was a bowl of chicken soup, which I have been known to eat for breakfast.

One thing about me is that I normally am a barefoot person. I feel like shoes smother my poor feet. I keep boots by the door that can easily slip off as soon as I come in the house. However, I do LOVE socks!!! When the weather gets cold enough, I dig out my warm wooly socks, slip them on my feet, and warmth radiates through my entire body. I've been asking for years for some darn flannel sheets but still haven't gotten any. I can just imagine that this would be like crawling inside a big sock, how much more cozy could you get?? 

So, I am going to go out into the cold sporting my beautiful old wool socks, probably have to break out the ol' chap-stick, and maybe I'll have enough time this evening to make a big pot of chili or soup, then tomorrow morning, I can have it for breakfast. 

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