Tuesday, September 30, 2008


Autumn is officially here, it has been for a few days now. This morning was the first real sign of it because somewhere during the night a little cold front snuck through. I love when the weather changes, it is almost too good to be true sometimes. You just think you can't take one more minute of the heat and God sends a cool snap your way, or you think that the earth is going to dry up and blow away and suddenly, rain. I hate to say I have a favorite season because all of them are wonderful in their own ways...but I sure do like it when Autumn shows up. 
Rodney and I went to our neighbors house, (incidentally when you live in the country like we do a neighbor isn't someone who lives next door but can be any friend or acquaintance who lives within ten miles of you) to pick okra on Saturday morning. When we arrived George, our "neighbor" showed us where his garden was, this was another little adventure getting to his garden which he had nestled in a corner of a pasture where the ground was "new".  As soon as we pulled up to the garden I was so happy to see that there were pumpkins and squash growing there too. I politely asked if he wouldn't mind my harvesting some of these as well as the okra and, like any good country neighbor, he told me to take all I wanted that they already had plenty. I was interested in the butternut squash more for its charm than for its forage, but have been told that this fruit (is it a fruit or veggie??) makes the most exquisite pies and other decadent dishes. It is a handsome little gourd isn't it? Now I'm thinking I'll have to research the genus of the butternut squash, be it fruit, veggie, gourd, is a gourd a veggie or a fruit?? These are the things that keep me awake at night. 

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